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By July 5, 2017 No Comments

I’ve spoken about Daniel Alexander before on here, so perhaps there’s not much to say, but he just keeps flooring me with every release. ‘DOUBLEGLAZEDGAZEDOWN’ is less of a glitchy piece of electronica, and more of an organic societal ballad. Reminiscent of earlier single ‘Chinooks’, the new cut is very much focussed on the vocals. Alexander is a master of waxing poetic, political lines in a soulful, soothing way – whilst also showcasing serious passion and aggression towards our current version of society. For such huge issues, Alexander seems to break them down, and shine light on the internal struggles that you and I feel when we all silently witness the worst parts of society v.2017. Mixed with intricate and spacious instrumentation, it almost acts as a backing track for a powerful speech. Maybe Daniel Alexander should write speeches for people? Maybe we should just get Daniel Alexander to do the speeches themselves? Maybe he should run for office? I’d vote for him.

‘DOUBLEGLAZEDGAZEDOWN’ is out now via Maison Ainsi.