Fresh Juice


By July 18, 2018 No Comments

It turns out that Terrible Records have a real habit of releasing music that is seriously not terrible, like at all. I mean, they have a red hot go at pretending that they’re terrible, but in truth, they’re actually doing a damn good job. ginla is the latest of these terribly fantastic artists, a duo partly from Toronto and partly from Brooklyn. Although they released an EP last year, this brand new ginla material is really getting me excited. These guys are damn good at slowly building dreamy electronic soundscapes around skittering beats, and if there’s one thing you need to know me, I fucking love dreamy soundscapes and skittering beats. Although ‘Infinite’ is dreamy, moody and kind of sad, the build creates a sense of urgency, which drops as an almighty crescendo of modular synths sounding like they’ll explode. I’m also really into that. If you’re into similar things, give ginla a go. And then hit me up? Keen to connect with likeminded people.

Codex, ginla’s debut LP will be available September 7th via Terrible Records.