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FRESH JUICE: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – I Will Make Room For You (Four Tet Remix)

By November 16, 2017 No Comments

Four Tet is one calculated individual. The tracks he chooses to grace with a remix are always hiding in plain sight. Whether it be a reworking of The XX’s A Violent Noise or his rendition of Radiohead’s Separator the English producer’s unique selections and the creative approach he takes on whipping his projects into existence is nothing short of spectacular. It’s after hearing each one of his remixes that you think man, all the pieces of the puzzle were put together so nicely in that song then Fourteezy comes along, does a lil dance on it and boom, he’s created a whole new picture!

Now if you’ve heard Smith’s 2016 album The Kid aka the album that today’s original song features on then you’d know how damn soothing it is. Filled with invigorating ambience created mainly by her Buchla modular synth, Smith is careful not let the album drift too astray ensuring the experimental ethos present on the album remains accessible to newcomers. Four Tet does a really nice job in maintaining Smith’s cerebral energy. Synths that sound as though they’re submerged under water mix nicely with a shaky house shuffle. As the track progresses Smith’s vocals become a little clearer as they glisten and sparkle amongst Fourtet’s orchestral arrangements. There’s is a lot jammed into today’s Juice that’s hard to put into words so I think it best I stop writing and allow you to soak up the serenity.