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By November 15, 2017 February 20th, 2018 No Comments

If you’ve had your radio tuned to the right stations this week then you’ve probably heard a track or two off Sampa The Great’s new mixtape. If you haven’t then don’t fret, we got you covered. Teaming up with fellow soulster/longtime collaborator Remi the two artists entangle in a real sensual number called Flowers and whilst Sampa’s new mixtape as I’m sure you could imagine is loaded with politically pointed tracks today’s Juice is a little more chilled, perfect for a hump day. 

Today’s cut is a real eyes-closed head-nodder. Riddled with metaphorical philosophy and experimental vocal tones, Sampa blurs the line between rapper and singer. An ascending, double bass softly plucks Flowers into motion; cueing it’s Jazzy counterparts to follow suit. Horns, keys, drums clarinets and xylophone’s all mix and mash to create a real effortless groove and it’s no wonder Flowers feels and sounds so natural. In an interview with Pile Rats Sampa spoke on how the song came to be. Those sharp keys you hear are courtesy of Remi and served as the foundation from which the rest of the song was built. Everything fell right into place and the whole track was mixed in one day! So, with that said make sure you celebrate this amazing day in style, add this bad boy to your playlist and give the volume the juice it deserves.