Fresh Juice


By November 14, 2017 No Comments

I am so sorry for doing this, I seriously hate people who start articles about music with weather related lines, but it’s fucking hot in Melbourne today. Like, I am inside, with air conditioning and for some reason I still feel… so… fucking… hot. I don’t even care if you never read any of my work again, it’s just way too hot and I am not okay with it. Anyway, I came across this track today, and for a few minutes, for just a few minutes I felt a bit better. It comes from this young Brazilian producer/songwriter called Marcioz. Strangely and at the same time aptly named ‘The Very Very $hy Pearl’, the track combines a range of organic elements alongside some classic hip-hop influenced sampling, moulding this acoustic and beatsy creation. It’s summery, breezy and all the other summer buzz words, and reminds me of what I wish The Avalanches made these days. This 20-year-old has got a new fan in me today, but most importantly, it is so hot, please help me Macioz. Send me more nice songs to help cool me down.

Expect theĀ How To Make Love $tay EP from Marcioz early next year.