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Vocal Insanity

LISTEN: Rat & Co – Vocal Insanity

Melbourne’s Rat & Co today released new single Vocal Insanity, the first cut from their forthcoming second LP. What began as a one-man bedroom project for Josh Delaney has now evolved into a fully formed band with a slew of fantastic releases and remixes which rarely fit into any one genre. Finding a comfortable place somewhere between your headphones and a nightclub, the band have grown into a sound which is informed heavily by electronic music but is one that never loses touch with more traditional instrumental tracks. Vocal Insanity is a brilliant, cinematic single that delves deep with earthy percussion, shimmering guitars and eerie swirling vocal samples which tie things together perfectly. We’ll be patiently waiting until May to hear the full LP, but in the meantime you can pick up their first for free via Soundcloud. Impressive, huh?

Rat & Co play Shebeen Bandroom in Melbourne on April 10th to launch Vocal Insanity. Details HERE.

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