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“Sweet Valley is a blood pact between two brothers, Nathan and Kynan Williams, gone awesomely off the rails”. You might be thinking to yourself, ‘hey, that name sounds really familiar’, and, ‘wow I love this blog’. You would be right on both accounts; one of the two brothers responsible for the new ‘SV’ mixtape is indeed Nathan Williams, of Wavves fame and notoriety. Taking a step away from the grungy pop-punk which we all know and love, the Williams brothers have come together for a fourth studio effort under the Sweet Valley moniker to deliver a beat heavy, trigger happy mixtape which offers a completely different set of nuances to the video game sampling ‘Eternal Champ’ from last year. It all begins in a haze of police sirens and layered vocal samples which implode into an overbearing sense of euphoria and booming kicks, opener ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ hits hard immediately and sets the tone for the rest of SV to take you away. ‘Hypnomania’ provides some more balanced vocal incorporation, whereas ‘Cosmic Design’ brings a glitchy track which unsettles as it flutters somewhat serenely with layering synths. Whichever way you look at it, this release is refreshing even without the context of whoever put their hands to it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Click the image above to visit the Sweet Valley Bandcamp, where you can stream or download SV in full.

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